Sentimental Silver

Have you ever found that perfect piece of jewelry that you didn’t even want to take off when you go to bed? I have! I opened up my sweet little package from Sentimental Silver last night to discover a lovely recycled silver pendant set with my twins’ names on them and an accompanying amethyst set in each pendant.

You can absolutely see the attention to detail, the love, and the beauty with each of these pieces by Sentimental Silver. My children love reading their names and I love showing off my two greatest accomplishments in a subtle and breathtaking statement.

These Sentimental Silver lovely personalized jewelry items are made from pure silver (.999%) and are completely handmade using recycled silver.

Just in time for the holidays and Valentine’s Day, Sentimental Silver is a beautiful way to show your loved ones you care about them and you care about those they love.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter (@SentimentalSlv)!

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