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Every once in a while I come across an online retailer that goes way above my expectations. Today I discovered one that just may trump all others: Bead Trends, Elegant Family Jewelry.

Linda (of Bead Trends) hand stamps and hand strings each of her pieces, presenting beautiful products that really showcase her own warmth and kind spirit. She will not sell you a necklace or a bracelet that doesn’t meet her standards for aesthetic beau

ty. And in this day, age, and economy, that integrity to design is exactly what every artist should adhere to.

Now let’s take Bead Trends beautiful mother’s bracelets for example. I have seen quite a few of these on the market, but Bead Trends gives them elegance and a story that no other merchant does. And please don’t let me forget to tell you that, in the rare chance that one of your pieces from Bead Trends breaks, they offer repairs on the items. You don’t get that from everyone. Heck, you barely get that from anyone!

Whether you are the mother of a child or a pet, if you are a grandmother or even a father/grandfather, Bead Trends has a perfect piece for you to wear to show off your heritage.

Look at this beautiful piece!

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