LACMA Art Camp

Sometime in March, after dropping the twins off at Kindergarten, a mom in my son’s class shared with me the LACMA Art Camp program. I had no knowledge of this camp since my entire child rearing process during marriage circulated around the summer camp offered at the beach-based country club that my ex-husband was and is a member of. So to research summer camps never occurred to me. This program seemed amazing for my daughter, E, and it has proven to be just that – amazing. I’m thinking of passing off as a 6-year-old to try and get in myself next year.

I rushed home on that fateful March day, pulled up the site, and got all my paperwork together in the hopes and dreams of getting my daughter into just one week of camp. I picked one lead by the amazing, beautiful June Edmonds and sent off my daughter’s paperwork. The postmark was set and I waited to hear. The email that she got in was such a delightful surprise! She got in! So my plan of having my son do a week of science camp, and my daughter do a week of art camp was falling into place.

Her first day of art camp arrived. I got to her father’s house to pick her up and bring her to camp and discovered her whooping and hollering at the door, “I AM SO READY FOR ART CAMP LET’S GO!” So we hopped in the car and headed on our way. I had to explain to E that legally, I had to stop at a stop sign. I informed her that I had to use the restroom as soon as we parked the car, and she asked me if I could hold it. At a stop light she said, “Mamma, I don’t mean to tell you what to do, but when the light says go, GO!” By now I’m feeling proper pressure from the diva artist in the backseat. Someone was not making a left turn within my margin of patience and I raised my voice. “Mamma, you don’t have to yell.” Okay, I took a deep breath. She did not.

We parked the car and got in the glass elevator. When it got to the courtyard level, she saw the “Art Camp” sign. I held onto the railings of the elevator waiting for the glass to shatter while she squealed with delight. I looked for Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Hannukkah Harry, but no – it was Art Camp that caused the squeal.

The children gather in the courtyard of LACMA and decorate the t-shirts that the camp gives them with fabric markers. I sat with E, got to know her fellow campers, the assistants, the teachers and finally got to meet June Edmonds. We had been visiting her website on a near daily basis and she far exceeded my expectations. In addition to her talent and beauty, she was warm and kind, inviting and welcoming. I was ready to head home and leave my beloved child in the care of these wonderfully talented people.

So far she’s made sun tea and painted with it, coil pottery and painted that, explored arabic lettering and calligraphy. It’s not even Wednesday! On Friday I get to see a mini art show with all of her work. To put it simply, I cannot wait.

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