Dyson Table Fan — beauty meets FUNction

Thanks to a hefty store credit with Bed Bath & Beyond, I was able to purchase the table fan that I have dreamed of having but couldn’t justify the price. Thankfully right now they are $100 off at BB&B, which allowed me to get it a steep discount with my 20% off coupon plus my store credit.

Quickly assembling it (simply attach the base to the fan with a quick click), I put it on a dresser next to my bed to keep me cool in this unbearable heat. The twins absolutely had the best time defying everything they have ever learned about fans – sticking their hands in it and eventually sticking their heads in it too! I think you can agree from the imagery that they not only had fun, but proved the safety of this fan. E was performing these acts of experimentation while the fan was turned on!

In addition to the toy factor of this fan, the function factor is nothing to sneeze at. I slept incredibly well last night with it on medium speed and oscillating – I never heard a tick, never heard any buffeting of the breeze, and woke up feeling like I had slept with all the windows open and a fresh breeze was circulating throughout my room.

Worth the full price? Probably not. Worth the discount right now at Bed Bath & Beyond? DEFINITELY.

FYI, it looks like the sale is in-store only, not online.

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