I can speak with confidence about the moms on the famed “westside” of Los Angeles’ love for these amazing dresses. And we were fortunate to have the opportunity to review TwirlyGirl’s new Pinwheel dress for you!

Ella put on the dress at 2:00 today and refused to take it off, even for our pizza party picnic. But the fact that these dresses are so durable, so washable, so playable, gave me little question on whether or not she could wear this dress with the most greasiest of dinners.

Whether she was twirling around (until she fell on her tush) or climbing her playset, this dress held it’s own. It is the perfect length for ladder climbing as well as pretending you are a Pteranadon. And as an added bonus, the lovely streamers of color give her twin brother a suitable leash to lead her around the backyard.

Make sure you check out this new design but also check out their classics. One trusted Westside mom told me, “these are the perfect dress – you can crumple it up and throw it in a bag, even crumpling it small enough for a ziploc, and they do not wrinkle at all.”

So for those of you who are flying out for special events or just going out to dinner, these are the ULTIMATE in little girl’s wear!

Make sure you stop by TwirlyGirl and purchase your sweet twirlygirl’s own dress!

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