Sock Grams

This is the most fantastic idea! Grammas, aunts, uncles, friends, countrymen, romans, lend me your ears… Are you trying to find the perfect way to send a card to your loved one, both large and small? Sock Grams! This is ingenious! And with winter coming, who doesn’t want to send something warm and comforting? What’s more warm and comforting than socks??

We have the Funny Bugs socks for Jack, and I am going to tell the grandparents to send the ballet socks to Ella (heaven forbid we have one twin with socks and one without). These lovely little packages arrive in the mail:

  1. Socks
  2. Personalized Greeting
  3. Adorable Packaging
Now most kids don’t love getting socks, let’s be honest – but these aren’t just white knee socks in bulk from the warehouse store, these are really fun socks with fantastic patterns, character and love from you.
This is just a fantastic way to say hello with the old stand-by help of a postal carrier with an extra twist. And with sizes from baby, kid to adult, I double dog dare you to be hard pressed to find the perfect sock for your recipient.
Order from Sock Grams today! You will not be sorry.


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    SUCH A FUN IDEA! Cozy and lasts… has the greatest holiday selection, particularly for men.


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