BabyPop Designs

Here’s the backstory to our discovering Babypop Designs. The twins had Dress Like a Superhero Day at Beach Camp in August. Well my deliciously sensitive and adorable kids have no real idea who the commercial superheroes are, and certainly don’t identify with any of them. I wanted to turn THEM into superheros so I googled “kids capes”.

Oh the happiness that I discovered these whimsical and fantastic capes, shirts, masks and gloves made by this mom, this individual, solitary dedicated mom who makes the most amazing products. High quality fabric and craftsmanship and personal service. I’m sorry, what is there to complain about there? Nada! Nothing! Zilch.

The kid have had these capes and accessories for several years and I never get tired of watching them emerge from their bedroom in full superhero regale.

Follow them on Twitter too, this gal is a riot!

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