ReUsies Reusable Snacks and Sandwich Bags

ReUsies Snacks and Sandwich Bags

Did you know that when a seaturtle sees a plastic bag in the water, it thinks it’s a jellyfish, a delicacy, eats it and becomes fatally ill?

Did you know that I learned that from my 4 year old son, and not from any adult educational moment? This is the time to help our kids find out what they can do, with us setting the examples, to keep this planet safe and beautiful for future generations.

Enter, ReUsies Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bags. We had the distinct pleasure of testing both the sandwich and the snack bags in our test kitchen. The reward I had in sending Jack to school with his bagel and cream cheese in the large sandwich bag, and Ella with her ham sandwich in the smaller bag, was truly immeasurable. And knowing that I have educated my children on responsible eco-living so that they could share that information with their friends over lunch in preschool was such a bonus.

Another bonus? Their colorful and sweet designs! And yet one more bonus – totally machine washable – as in, ANY machine (dish or laundry). What’s not to love there? Being green and being totally “convenienced” by it kinda rocks folks.

This company deserves our attention and yours. With school back in session and more plastic baggies being used, we need to do our part, however large or small to keep our planet safe.

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