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eco me 100% natural productsSo apparently I am a closet mad-scientist.  I received the Baby Box Set from Eco-Me recently and today cracked it open to get to work on my master plan – my New Years Resolution to have all of our household products be green and eco friendly.

Using white vinegar, water, and then the rest of the supplies in the box set, I created baby pail deoderizer, room spray, and wipes.  Now many of you realize that my twins are now almost 5-years-old, so what use do I have for these products?  Quite simply I can answer that I now have a lovely and mild room spray for their room, keeping it fresh and beautiful.  I have eco friendly wipes to clean up their filthy little fingers and faces.  I also have the deoderizer which will be VERY handy in, honestly, the room where the cats have their litter box!  So who’s to complain?  Not this owner of a fresh smelling house, I’ll tell you that much!  By the way?  All that for $18.00 and I can tell it’s going to last me months.

I also received a sample of their Emma laundry soap. And it smells like sweet tea!  What a treat, I really didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do, and I DO.  At $12.99 this is a great wallet friendly and earth friendly solution to fresh and clean laundry.  And I am confident that it won’t upset Jack’s sensitive skin either since it is all essential oils and safe products.

What am I going to purchase today?

  • Element Cat Litter Freshener – Meow!
  • Home Kit – my inner mad scientist will be content creating my own all purpose spray cleaner, wood polish spray and scrub cleanser for only $13.00 – this is a 50% savings right now, catch the sale while you can!

Thank you Eco-Me and Chic Execs for the opportunity to review and fall in love with this product line!

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