Treat Yourself

When I got my business kit from Rodan+Fields, when I used the products the second day, I pulled out the REDEFINE MACRO EXFOLIATOR and gave it a shot with the REDEFINE regimen. My skin felt so amazing that I was sure I did something wrong. There was no way my skin could feel that soft after one use. And then I felt ashamed that I let my skin go for so long to the point of having such a drastic result after one use!

I’ve often said that one of the greatest gifts I have gotten from Rodan+Fields, as a customer, is the ability to throw away all of my foundation make up. I attribute that to this amazing little “face vacuum”. So I’m running a February promotion to those who buy the (poorly named) Aging REDEFINED Special or any other bundle that includes the REDEFINE MACRO EXFOLIATOR. Sure, it comes with a price tag that will make you blink more than once, however when you sign up for PC Perks, the price is 10% less. And if you are a consultant you get the dang thing included in your kit (or get it at 25% off for someone you want to buy it for).

As a single mom, I’m a big fan of treating yourself instead of waiting for the gift(s) to arrive. Why not take a page from my book and treat yourself?

Check out these before/after results – Tell me you aren’t tempted, go ahead, I double dog dare you!


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