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Maggie is the brains behind MagGoogle. When she isn't posting stream of consciousness blog posts she is behind her camera shooting the work of Taken By Storm Photography or behind her computer working on the sites at Maggie's Web.

No Bengal Cats in Hawaii

Did you know that bengal cats are not allowed in Hawaii? Despite what the Hawaiian government website says, it is ALL bengal cats, not just non-domestic: Prohibited Animals: The regulation of animal breeds and species that are permitted to enter Hawaii is under Plant Quarantine Branch jurisdiction and administrative rules.  Non-domestic dogs and cats and hybrids such as ...

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LACMA Art Camp

Sometime in March, after dropping the twins off at Kindergarten, a mom in my son's class shared with me the LACMA Art Camp program. I had no knowledge of this camp since my entire child rearing process during marriage circulated around the summer camp offered at the beach-based country club that my ex-husband was and ...

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STAR Science Camp


There is a fantastic program that is available to many California schools called STAR. As a new mom to the public school system, I was aware of their wonderful after-school offerings at my children's elementary school. I didn't participate (that is, my children didn't participate) because they really wanted me to pick them up every ...

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Cars 2 Wii – Racing To Your Home

Much to my delight, I was shipped a Wii version of Cars 2, the exciting game by Disney Interactive Studios and Avalanche Software. While it was recommended by BzzAgent, the company that supplied me the game, that I have a large Cars 2 party, I knew that asking 20+ 6 year olds to share Wii remotes ...

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Well done, Sea World

My twins and I are tremendous Sea World San Diego fans. We believe in them, their conservation efforts, their entertainment value and their love for their animals. On our last trip this past week, we discovered even more wonderful gems at Sea World: Their Animal Encounter Area (near the Marketplace, formerly known as the area where the ...

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