The Brandywine Heirloom Tomato=Tomato Candy

There are a few things that my parents have “taught” me. I use the word taught in quotes because in truth these are the things that they told and ingrained in my brain from birth:

  1. Always root for UCLA and/or whoever is playing USC. This has since been amended to whoever is playing Notre Dame. I don’t know why, I just do what I’m told.
  2. Human rights are paramount above all else, including the right to choose.
  3. Brandywine heirloom tomatoes are the best food product placed on this green earth, second to bacon.

This spring, my father planted a few heirloom tomato plants next to my driveway, one of which is a brandywine. I have protected these plants with my life. I put wire fencing up to keep my dog out and watered the area religiously. I stalked the man who came to pick up the storage pod in my driveway to make sure he didn’t touch the tomatoes with his giant three wheeled thingamagic that he uses to pick up the pod and bring it to his truck. My children are aware that they are to stay as far away from the plants as their bodies and brains allow them to be.

And then it happened… the green little tomatoes appeared. A large bumper crop was going to ripen this summer, I could tell! While there is a critter out there eating some of them (caterpillar, I’m guessing) I haven’t sprayed them for a) health of the edible fruits, and b) I had no money to get the spray. I watched and picked any critter I could find.
Today, after purchasing bread and bacon I announced to my son that I was going to see if any tomatoes had my name on it. This is a statement, I learned, that greatly confuses a 6-year-old. I walked out and picked what I hoped to be a ripe and ready brandywine tomato. My first.
I rushed inside to wash and slice it up and then took a bite of the heel slice. Holy heaven in a tomato. It is candy! My father was right, brandywine heirloom tomatoes ARE the best food product placed on this green earth, second to bacon, which I am cooking now to make into a sandwich (watched bacon never cooks, but unwatched bacon burns REALLY fast). Dammit, I forgot lettuce. Okay well a BT it is then!

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