Helping Friends In Need

I have very dear friends who are in horrible financial straights due to no fault of their own. The husband has colonized MRSA in his leg after sustaining injuries in a car accident 16 months ago.  His 6 week recovery period after the accident/first MRSA infection led to his termination after he worked 20 years in the fire department.  He is fighting back with a wrongful termination suit.  However this has led to him being unable to find work again in the tight knit firefighting community.  Even jobs as simple as working in an auto parts stores are impossible due to the store connections to the fire department.

He proudly decided to look into a new trade, auto mechanic work, and the day he goes to enroll in a trade school to start a new life, he is re-admitted to the hospital with the MRSA taking over his leg once again.

With two small boys and little savings left, the wife is working as much as she can part-time, but with her husband being frequently admitted to the hospital, her priorities are staying home with the boys and losing the income of her part-time work.

This is a man who saved lived for 20 years.  He has delivered babies, carried people from burning buildings, cut people out of mangled cars and resuscitated more people than can be counted.  Then when he suffered with his own medical issues the fire department cut him loose and made it impossible for him to provide for his own family.

I have set up a donation through Paypal – any amount is welcome. They have had to search for coins in the couch in order to pay bills. They are in collections, fighting for survival left and right. They are drowning in medical bills alone.  Even $5 could help them in the simple purchase of milk and eggs each month.


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